CX/UX Design

Build Stellar Customer Experiences

You shouldn’t have to guess what makes a great shopping experience. Collect ratings and comments from your customers and find out what should be done to fine-tune your CX strategy.

Keep Track of the End-to-End Customer Experience

Collect feedback from across the entire customer journey. Use that crucial feedback to inform your CX strategy and make impactful improvements around site design, navigation, accessibility, and more.
Online Buyer Survey

Prevent Site Abandonment

Identify pain points causing customers to abandon your site. Hearing directly from customers about what improvements they would like to see helps fast-track the update process.
Site Abandonment Survey

Make the Case for Exceptional CX

Measure and track the impact of your CX initiatives. Easily share reports showcasing how your team’s hard work positively impacts overall customer satisfaction.

“Bizrate has given us a clearer picture of the KPI ratings we’re tracking, as well as customers’ experience with our site. We see feedback of the entire shopping journey, from browsing to purchase through final delivery. The information we receive gives us multiple markers to gauge how well we are serving our customers and identify where improvements can be made.”

Kevin Beck
UI/UX, Famous Smoke Shop

Can Customer Feedback Really Impact CX?

Download our case study to learn how Dover Saddlery used customer comments collected Bizrate Insights? Online Buyer Survey to redesign its mobile site and increase sales.