Customer Support

Go From Reactive to Proactive

Surveying customers about their shopping experience helps your support team proactively monitor and resolve issues that come up throughout the buyer journey. It also signals that your company has a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

Resolve Issues and Reduce Call Times

Monitor company channels in real time and follow up with customers experiencing issues. Up-to-the-minute survey collection means you can reach out to a customer directly without ever having to pick up a phone.
Online Buyer Survey

Stop Site Abandonment Before It Starts

Pinpoint issues in the customer experience that cause shoppers to abandon your website without making a purchase. Identify a solution that brings them back to continue shopping and complete their purchase.
Site Abandonment Survey

Assess the Quality of Your Customer Support

Evaluate feedback from verified buyers to assess the quality and efficiency of your customer support department. Turn negative comments and ratings into growth opportunities that educate your team on how they can improve for next time.

“Bizrate has helped me see what our customers need on a deeper level and help identify trends before they become issues!”

Susan Curry
Customer Relations / Marketing Manager

Is Your Customer Support up to Standard?

Your customer support strategy needs to meet shoppers where they are. Check out what over 2,000 online consumers shared their customer support preferences.