Turn Customer Feedback Into Revenue-Generating Solutions

VitalSigns is the home for all the data and customer comments collected from your Online Buyer Survey and Site Abandonment Survey. Through an intuitive homepage and set of interactive dashboards, your entire team gets up-to-the-minute insights to enhance the customer journey and increase conversions.

Built for the Whole Team

Feedback gathered throughout each customer touchpoint and a comprehensive set of dashboards combine to make VitalSigns the do-it-all platform for retailers looking to deliver a stellar customer experience. With in-depth metrics covering the entire customer journey, there’s something for every stakeholder within your organization.


Get a Complete Understanding of Your Company’s Performance

With unlimited survey collection standard, you can view quantitative and qualitative metrics that give a complete understanding of your company’s performance. These metrics range from key performance indicators (KPIs) like Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Buy Again, verbatim customer comments, and the industry-standard Net Promoter Score.


Take Your Data Out of a Vacuum with Benchmarking

Leveraging our network of thousands of participating companies across the U.S., we offer unmatched direct benchmarking tools designed specifically for ecommerce professionals looking to stay ahead of the competition. View and understand your company’s performance in context by benchmarking against other retailers within the Bizrate Insights network.


The Impact of Customer Reviews on Purchase Decisions

Can a negative customer review be a good thing? Read our free guide to understand the hidden value of negative customer reviews and pick up tips for responding to them.

Each Subscription Includes:

KPI Dashboards

Easily access metrics critical to your company’s success, including Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Recommend.

Customer Comment Dashboard

View, track, and respond to customer comments as they come in.

Google Seller Ratings Syndication

Syndicate customer comments and reviews with Google and grow your presence.

VitalMail Email Alerts

Receive a daily snapshot of your survey metrics — delivered right to your inbox. Quickly view new comments and track them with KPIs.

Unlimited Data Access

Collect and analyze customer feedback without having to worry about a data cap. All subscriptions include unlimited access to basic data at no charge ever.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is always a phone call away! We want to ensure you get the most out of your VoC data.

You’ll Never See Your Customer Metrics the Same Way Again

With VitalSigns, you’ll always come away with the actionable insights needed to guide your ecommerce strategy based on what customers say is important to them.
Contact our team to learn more about VitalSigns and get your first survey up and running today with no upfront cost and no risk.