Empower Your Strategy With Customer Feedback

Great data makes for more effective marketing initiatives. With real-time buyer feedback, you can quickly identify customer priorities and build tailored marketing campaigns with confidence.

Build Flexible Marketing Campaigns

Use feedback from verified customers to create targeted marketing campaigns. Real-time data collection makes it easier to adapt based on the evolving needs of your customers.
Online Buyer Survey

Maximize Retargeted Ads

Determine why customers bounced from your site without making a purchase and understand what it would take to bring them back. Use these insights to create retargeted ads that are sure to bring shoppers back to complete their purchase.
Site Abandonment Survey

Understand Your Audience

Data is powerful, but it doesn’t always tell the full story. Leverage both quantitative and qualitative metrics to get know your customers on a human level.

“Because Bizrate partners with Google reviews, we love the ability to display the Google (and Bizrate) reviews on our website. Bizrate does an awesome job of collecting the reviews from the customers and we therefore get the minimum quantity of reviews that Google needs to display them on our site. It is an extra bonus that the Bizrate team is great at providing insight into how your ecommerce site is running based on the reviews it receives.”

Annika Luke
Marketing Manager

Elevate Your Brand With Customer Feedback

Learn how you can use customer feedback to develop a people-first marketing strategy driven by data from real customers.