Site Abandonment Survey

Convert Site Abandoners Into Loyal Customers

Stop guessing why shoppers are abandoning your ecommerce website and take action to bring them back. The Site Abandonment Survey engages customers as they’re about to exit and gives retailers tools to save the sale.


Understand Why Customers Are Leaving Your Site and Act

Accurately determine why customers are bouncing from your ecommerce site and bring them back to complete the sale. The Site Abandonment Survey engages shoppers as they are about to exit your website and ensures you’ll always gather the most relevant feedback at the right time. Retailers can use this feedback to make targeted improvements to their CX and stop site abandonment before it even starts.


TrueExit™ Intelligently Engages Desktop and Mobile Shoppers

The Site Abandonment Survey is designed to be implemented throughout a retailer’s ecommerce site without impeding the shopping experience. Bizrate Insights’ TrueExit™ technology uses intelligent triggers to only survey shoppers as they are about to bounce. TrueExit™ triggers are customizable and can be configured across desktop and mobile sites.


Save-the-Sale Tool Integrates Into Any Customer Support Workflow

Receive real-time notifications after a shopper completes a Site Abandonment Survey. Save-the-Sale helps customer support teams be more proactive by informing them about the customer’s issue and letting representatives reach out directly.


Monitor Shopping Behavior Across Your Site

Data collected by the Site Abandonment Survey offers invaluable insights into how both new and returning customers are engaging with your business. Identify high-converting pages, make targeted UX improvements, and build accurate customer profiles using survey data.


Customize Surveys to Meet Your Business Needs

In addition to the questions that come standard with every Site Abandonment Survey, retailers can add custom questions related to site abandonment or other business priorities. You can also define your own parameters for when and how TrueExit™ activates the Site Abandonment Survey.


Grow Your Opt-In Marketing List

The Site Abandonment Survey gives customers the option to receive emails from your business. Expand your opt-in marketing list and entice customers to return and complete their purchase with targeted offers.


Comprehensive Survey Analysis & Reporting with VitalSigns

VitalSigns is the easy-to-use reporting platform designed to turn data from your company’s survey into actionable insights and comes standard with every subscription. By placing all your survey results in one central location, every team member will have instant access to invaluable metrics that can be used to empower their decision-making.

View quantitative and qualitative metrics that give a complete understanding of your company’s performance. These metrics range from key performance indicators (KPIs) like Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Buy Again to the industry-standard Net Promoter Score.

With a network containing thousands of retailers —  including 20% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 —  Bizrate Insights offers unparalleled benchmarking capabilities that take results from your survey out of a vacuum. Compare your metrics with direct competitors, an industry vertical, or a custom category to view your performance in context.

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5 Ways to Reduce Site Abandonment

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Each Subscription Includes:

Real-Time Buyer Feedback

Collect and view customer comments and ratings from site abandoners in real time.

TrueExit™ Technology

Choose how your company’s Site Abandonment Survey is activated for desktop and mobile users.

VitalSigns Analysis & Reporting

All Site Abandonment Survey data is automatically analyzed and viewable as KPIs, including Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Visit Again

Opt-In Marketing Offer

Grow your opt-in marketing list and entice shoppers to return to your site to complete a purchase.

Easy Implementation

Set up the Site Abandonment Survey across your mobile and desktop sites and start collecting feedback on the same day.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is always a phone call away! We want to ensure you get the most out of your VoC data.

Don’t Guess Why Your Customers Are Leaving — Ask Them

Reducing site abandonment shouldn’t be complicated. Learn how the Bizrate Insights Site Abandonment Survey can help you bring shoppers back to your ecommerce site and prevent site abandonment before it starts.