Consumer Panel

We leverage our proprietary panel of over 2.5 million verified and validated online consumers to deliver timely and relevant market insights to you. Our full-service team will help you create custom surveys and gather quality responses from the exact target group you are interested in hearing from.
Profiles & Demographics

Target People You Need to Reach

Let us help you ask the right questions and use market sentiment to better understand your customers and your competition.

  • Our proprietary research panel is exclusively filled with verified online consumers, not professional survey takers.
  • Collect data from all demographics, geographics, technographics and ethnographics.
  • Understand consumer sentiment at all stages of your purchase funnel.
  • Capture cultural, behavioral, lifestyle and social habits and interests of your ideal customer.
The Process

How It Works


Verified online shoppers and buyers have the opportunity to opt-in to our research panel.


Using your own research programming tools or ours, we will help you launch your surveys to the right target audience.


We will deliver quality sample within your required timeframe so your team can make impactful and meaningful decisions based on the research.

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