Conversational Marketing: How Chatbots & Chat Widgets Can Help You

Every business has routine questions that get asked of their frontline staff. These are easy to manage, but time consuming. Chatbots help customers do easy tasks in a self-service manner, saving them the time of being on the phone with your customer service agents. It also ensures that your client services department can focus on more complex problems that require human intervention without getting too deeply in the weeds on simple queries.

Receive Enjoy Rave

The Post-Purchase Process: Receive, Enjoy, Rave

Something that few merchants consider is the closing of the loop, by asking the consumer, was the package received? Did the package meet their expectations? How did the product perform, based on the list above? When merchants leave out this step they’re wasting an important opportunity for connection, as well as the opportunity to cement in the user’s mind their positive thoughts about the experience.

The Impact of Customer Reviews on Purchase Decisions

But exactly how do reviews factor into the decision-making process for consumers? To find out, we surveyed more than 1,200 online shoppers to ask about the importance of reviews and how they impact their shopping habits.