Consumer Behavior

5 Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

Based on what industry you choose and what product line you sell, you are likely to attract different types of consumers. Learning about your customers’ needs will help you tailor the shopping experience.

ADA Web Accessibility

Web Content Accessibility: Boost Revenue, Lower Your Risk

People with disabilities are not a small minority. Over 26% of Americans live with some form of disability. This translates to one in four users on your site. Additionally, accessibility issues affect all sorts of people due to temporary circumstances – an injury, a pregnancy, multitasking, etc.

ADA Web Accessibility

Guide: Your Guide to Web Accessibility

Is your website meeting the needs of ALL your users? Web Content Accessibility has come to the forefront in 2023 with the release of new WCAG standards.

holiday season 2022

2022 Holiday Season: Better Than Expected

Amazon continues to dominate, and we can see that what drives this is familiarity, reliability, and confidence in the process – both in the shopping and in the potential return cycle. Smaller retailers can learn from this, and insert language that increases confidence, and add systems that make their process more dependable.

The goal of an ecommerce conversion is to satisfy the consumer's need | a woman smiles as she shops online

Post-Sale: Expand, Habituate, Refer

How can you expand the sale? What other products would be a natural fit for the specific use case the customer is presenting? If they’re buying a spring blouse, maybe some capri pants and a pair of sandals to complete the outfit? If they’re buying a fishing rod, won’t they need a tackle box?


Guide: Leveraging Chatbots for Ecommerce

Chat widgets and chatbots can be used to improve your ecommerce business through the various benefits they provide, from saving you time to directly contributing to your bottom line.