holiday season 2022

2022 Holiday Season: Better Than Expected

Amazon continues to dominate, and we can see that what drives this is familiarity, reliability, and confidence in the process – both in the shopping and in the potential return cycle. Smaller retailers can learn from this, and insert language that increases confidence, and add systems that make their process more dependable.

Pre Purchase Process

The Pre-Purchase Process: Know, Like, Trust

Supply and demand. You stock something consumers want, you advertise it, and customers flock to your store. For many ecommerce merchants, that’s the entirety of the sales cycle. This view is not wrong, but it leaves out important steps that should go before and after this process that can drastically improve your shoppers’ view of your company. In this article, I’m hoping to focus your attention on these additional steps and how they can improve your bottom line.

Holiday Planning

The Forrester 2022 Holiday Planning Guide

In a consumer cycle marked by supply chain woes, recession fears and disruptive global events, smart retailers are arming themselves with all possible intel on consumer trends and shopper behavior for the 2022 holiday shopping season.