Manage App Clients

The Developers page can be used to generate and delete API tokens for individual and umbrella merchants to retrieve survey response data from Bizrate Insights.

Generating a Token

Click on the button labeled “Generate New Token”. This will display a modal where the user can name the token that they would like to create.

Individual Merchant – When the modal is displayed fill in the Token Name

Click the button in the modal labeled “Generate New Token” to create your API Token

The API token should be created and the clientId and clientSecret will both be displayed to the user. Click the button labeled “Download Token” to download a txt file contains both the clientId and clientSecret to your computer. The user also has the ability to copy each client paramater individually. Once the page is refreshed the user will be unable to access the clientId and clientSecret again.

Deleting a Token

To delete a token click on the delete button that corresponds to the token you wish to delete.

After the modal displays the user must type in “DELETE” and click on the button labeled “I understand, delete this token”.

The token should be removed from the list of API tokens immediately.

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