Post-Checkout Add-Ons That Drive Ecommerce Success

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The post-checkout experience plays two crucial, intertwined roles: strengthening customer relationships and increasing overall revenue.

Between 2013 and 2022, businesses saw a 222% increase in customer acquisition costs. As the cost per new customer rises, so does the importance of retention. Customers remember their last interaction with a brand the most, and 79% value a positive post-checkout experience.

This article offers an overview of post-checkout add-ons to help set your business apart. The strategic use of add-on purchases can keep acquisition rates up and maintain long-term customer loyalty.

Defining the Ecommerce Post-checkout Experience

We define the post-checkout experience to be those moments directly after a transaction. Customers have clicked the checkout button, but still have their credit card out. They remain in a buyer mindset.

Businesses often underutilize the moments directly after a purchase. Yet, with thoughtful execution, this instant can significantly impact customer loyalty.

Optimizing the Post-checkout Experience With Add-Ons

Checkout needs to be smooth. Too many add-ons can muddle the process for customers and hurt conversion rates. However, all customers visit the post-checkout confirmation page.

These are great alternative places to pitch additional products or services while customers still have a buyer’s mindset and feel excited about their purchase.

Let’s look at some of the add-ons to consider:

Insurance and Warranties: There’s typically a 30-day window post-checkout to add an extended warranty. Highlighting this add-on on the confirmation page and in post-checkout emails keeps customers thinking about their transaction with a time-limited opportunity to protect their investment.

Feedback Gathering: To continually improve the post-checkout experience, businesses must understand the customer journey. Solutions like Bizrate Insights collect valuable customer data. Incorporate satisfaction surveys at checkout to find pain points, through email to ensure positive delivery, and as a follow-up to collect search-engine-ready product reviews.

Buy Now, Pay Later: Services like Affirm let businesses give customers the option to pay in installments, even after completing a transaction. With 69% of customers saying they would use these services if more available, this post-checkout add-on can improve customer satisfaction, encourage larger ticket item sales, and generate additional revenue.

Buyback Programs: Our recommerce trends survey found that 29% of shoppers value environmental responsibility. Businesses can demonstrate sustainability by offering seamless resale options that promote waste reduction and a circular economy. Second-hand markets also reassure customers who are on the fence about a purchase. Post-checkout services like Croissant’s Guaranteed Buybacks give shoppers a set resale price for an item within one year.

Affiliate Offers: Referred customers are around 18% more loyal to a company and generate 16% more profits. Including a “refer-a-friend” option in the post-checkout experience can channel new revenue.

Donation Requests: Many customers appreciate opportunities to give back. After completing a purchase, retailers can allow customers to add a small donation to a charitable cause seamlessly on the confirmation page. This kind of add-on can help you align your values with your target customers.

Installation, Assembly, and Haul-Away Services: For products that require assembly or professional installation, like furniture, electronics, or appliances, retailers can pitch convenient assembly or white-glove installation add-ons after the purchase is complete.

Digital Bonus Content: For media products like video games, movies, software, and courses, there are opportunities to bundle bonus digital extras like guides, artwork, soundtracks, or exclusive content for an additional fee.

Gift Wrapping/Packaging: A common add-on is the ability to include gift wrapping or upgraded premium packaging and presentation for an online order, especially around holiday periods.

In Summary

Post-checkout add-ons can improve customers’ brand impressions and increase revenue. Once businesses have a solid plan for the post-checkout stage, they must continuously iterate and optimize that experience:

·   A/B test different confirmation pages with various kinds of add-ons. Evaluate which combinations work best.

·   Collect customer data and insights to identify pain points and reduce friction in the post-checkout experience.

·   Simple post-checkout surveys can reveal crucial information — especially regarding add-on preferences — while showing customers that you care about their opinions.

If you’re ready to leverage customer data to improve satisfaction levels and boost your bottom line, book a demo or start an account.