Introducing Upgraded and Enhanced Bizrate Insights Subscriptions

Woman on her computer next to layout of new Bizrate Insights pricing structure.

At Bizrate Insights, we believe every retailer deserves a winning voice-of-customer solution that doesn’t break the bank. A plan that combines personalized surveys with robust analytics tools. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to share the news of our enhanced subscription tiers: Growth, Advanced, and Pro — plus Enterprise for customized needs. These totally reimagined plans pack in mountains of features at molehill rates for every business.

All subscriptions include unlimited invitations and surveys combined with unmatched response rates and in-depth insights. 

Simply put, by partnering with Bizrate Insights, you’ll get more value, more expert support, and more ways to engage your shoppers at a lower cost than anywhere else.

Keep reading to learn what makes Bizrate Insights stand out, or visit our subscription overview page for details and a side-by-side look at what each one offers. 

Unlimited Surveys With Every Plan

That’s right: unlimited surveys and invitations are built into EVERY plan. Your ability to capture feedback across the entire customer journey is limitless. Unlike other voice-of-customer tools that charge by survey volume, we ensure consistent feedback without unpredictable costs.

Comprehensive Coverage of the Entire Shopper Journey

Every subscription includes access to both Online Buyer and Site Abandonment/Site Intercept solutions. This ensures you can map the entire shopper journey with touchpoints at every turn — from the initial site visit to the point of sale to fulfillment. 

Nowhere else will you find such an all-encompassing way to capture feedback from more customers.

Robust Standard Plans to Power Your Business

Unlock the potential of your business with our uniquely curated subscription offering: 


Our free Growth Plan is a solid choice for businesses of all sizes. It provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution for delivering an optimal customer experience with features like: 

  • Seller Ratings syndication — Direct customer feedback syndicated to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more for better SEM and SEO!
  • Real-time reporting — Aggregate KPIs and customer verbatims 24/7 via our web-based portal, VitalSigns.
  • Comment sentiment analysis — Understand sentiment in relation to scores and performance. 
  • Site Visitor/Intercept/Abandonment surveys — Engage shoppers on-site prior to purchase or as they exit your website.

Growth is the perfect way to transform customer feedback into actionable insights. 


For anyone looking to dive into more historical data and gain a wider array of tools to analyze it, our Advanced Plan is perfect for taking that more strategic approach. This tier equips you with everything in Growth, plus:

  • NPS tracking — Understand and track your Net Promoter Score across all customer touchpoints.
  • Real-time feedback alerts — Directly resolve issues and save abandoned sales.
  • Customizable surveys — Add custom questions for a dive deep into areas of importance for your business.
  • Category benchmarking — See how you compare to others in your industry category.

Our team is available to help you make sense of your data. You’ll also get quarterly account check-ins and insights sessions to guide decision-making.


For an all-encompassing VoC program, our Pro Plan is the best foundation on which to build. It gives you all the advantages of the Advanced Plan and full access to everything in VitalSigns and beyond: 

  • Detailed NPS breakdowns with benchmarking.
  • Opted-in email marketing lists — Expand your marketing contacts by adding shoppers who have opted-in to your email list.
  • Quarterly insights analysis — Custom analysis from an Insights Expert to prioritize trends and areas for improvement.
  • Executive summary reports — detailed monthly and annual trends across standard metrics, plus correlations to prioritize areas for improvement.

With a dedicated account manager and 13 months of data, you’ll have everything you need for deep analysis and targeted action.

Visit our side-by-side comparison page to examine the features and capabilities included in each plan and find the optimal fit for your business.

Enterprise Solutions to Fuel Your Business Ambitions

Our Enterprise Plan provides flexibility tailored to you. Work directly with an account manager to design a custom package aligned with your unique business requirements:

  • 1:1 meetings with our Client Insights Team, including personalized recommendations and deep analysis into critical areas for improvement.
  • Access to the Bizrate Insights proprietary Consumer Panel to create custom surveys and understand industry trends, including direct competitors and brands.
  • Additional survey types, integrations, and customization options.
  • White glove support with direct access to our teams to answer questions, make recommendations, and provide ad-hoc support.

Request a demo if you’re interested in pursuing an Enterprise path. 

What Makes Bizrate Insights Different? 

“Every company needs to hear from its customers in order to make informed decisions,” says Lindsay Martinez, SVP of Client Experience at Bizrate Insights. “But many solutions are either cost-prohibitive or overly complex to integrate and maintain, pushing this crucial data just out of reach.”

More Winning Features for Less

“I’m excited that Bizrate Insights has been able to add more features while decreasing costs as part of our new plans,” says Lindsay. “These subscriptions provide our partners unparalleled access to direct, unlimited customer insights at a price point that meets every budget.

“While many customer feedback tools are challenging to implement, our agile solutions require minimal effort with direct integration via plugins and apps, including Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and more.” 

Choose a Plan That’s Right for You

Real-time data, industry benchmarks, and robust reporting give you an unparalleled view of the customer experience to drive strategic improvements. Plus, with free unlimited surveys and invitations, you’ll never pay excess fees.

So, whether you’re a growing storefront or a major enterprise eager to track customer journey data you can put to good use, our hard-to-beat plans just make sense. Compare the tiers today to find the one that will help bring you new business while keeping customers loyal.