Making the Most of Shopping Seasons: Boosting Retail Success

Making the Most of Shopping Seasons: Boosting Retail Success

For online sellers, achieving success requires savvy marketing strategies. One powerful tactic is harnessing the potential of the annual shopping cycle. Articles telling customers what’s best to buy every month, like this one from NerdWallet, give shoppers an inside scoop on the workings of the retail industry. They make recommendations like:

  • Take advantage of January white sales at department stores to buy bedding and towels
  • Buy summer grills in March to avoid the spike in summer prices
  • Capitalize on Father’s Day sales to buy all your tools and outdoor gear in early June.

There are dozens more for every month of the year. If sellers know this “marketing intel” is out there and being used by savvy shoppers, they can target their market strategies accordingly. When you know that customers will be looking for certain sales and certain products based on the season, you can create strategies around these seasons to fulfill your customers’ needs.

What is the Annual Shopping Cycle?

It’s a pattern or rhythm in shopping behavior that repeats itself annually. Black Friday is probably the most famous of the annual shopping days. According to Forbes, online sales on Black Friday were at 9.8 billion dollars, a 7.5% increase over 2022. Cyber Monday brought in 12.4 billion dollars, a 9.6% increase over 2022. 

Different seasons, holidays, and events influence when people want specific items. In two common examples, during back-to-school time, shoppers look for school supplies, and around the holidays, they seek gifts. Different seasons also create sales expectations. This article on seasonal sales in Afro, for example, points out that outdoor items like grills and patio furniture tend to go on sale in a yearly cycle. First, they are on sale in the early Spring, slightly before the time that customers will need them, and then again when the weather gets colder, and those items won’t be needed until the next summer.

The cycle helps sellers predict when customers are likely to make certain purchases. Sellers can plan ahead and offer the right products at the right times. By tapping into this cycle, sellers can target the seasons to provide shoppers with what they need when they need it.

Changing the Plan

Online sellers should change their business strategy to align with the customers’ shopping strategies. Usually, articles tell people the best times to buy things, like getting winter clothes in February. But sellers can change this plan by understanding and using the annual shopping cycle. Using articles like this one from US News and World Report, sellers can start targeting their business strategy to shopping trends that customers are already looking for. 

This means they can actively decide when to tell people about their products, making it easier for shoppers to find what they need. This way, sellers are not just waiting; they are taking control of their business plan to attract more customers.

Finding What People Like to Buy

To figure out what people like to buy, online sellers need to pay attention to when they buy things. Different times of the year make people want specific items to match the holiday, like jewelry going on sale for Valentine’s Day. It’s a bit like knowing that people crave ice cream in the summer and hot cocoa in the winter. 

Sellers can watch when people buy certain things, like gifts during the holiday season or school supplies in August. Keeping track of sales can provide a rich source of data that can be used to create business strategies. When finding unexpected spikes in sales of specific categories of items and specific times, those spikes can be capitalized on for future sales offerings.

By finding what people like to buy during different seasons, sellers can make online shopping the best experience possible. Sellers can offer the right things when customers want them most. This report from Bizrate Insights provides valuable insight on what people do for Halloween, what they purchase to prepare for it, and their spending habits. 

Doing What Shoppers Like

To do what shoppers like, it’s important to focus on customers’ needs during specific seasons. Sellers can target their ads so they can offer deals or suggest extra items that go well with the season. Find out what customers are looking for by using in-depth reporting. Reports can provide all the insights you need. 

According to this report, the most popular promotion observed during Cyber Week is free shipping; leveraging such insights from reports proves invaluable for businesses aiming to formulate effective marketing strategies aligned with the annual shopping cycle. By aligning with what shoppers want, sellers can create a friendly and exciting shopping experience. This makes customers feel like they have a shopping buddy who understands their preferences.

Understanding Why People Buy

To understand why people buy things, online sellers can be a bit like detectives trying to solve a mystery. Sellers need to figure out the reasons behind people’s purchases. It might be because of special holidays, events like birthdays, or even changes in the weather. By understanding why, sellers can create better plans and offer things that match what shoppers need during those times.

It’s a bit like knowing why someone chooses pizza on Fridays – maybe it’s a tradition or just because it’s a favorite. Imagine receiving a report showing a major increase in blanket sales in the winter. Sellers can use this info to offer warm and comfy products during the colder months. 

By understanding why people buy at certain times, sellers can make shopping more fun. Online shoppers are creatures of habit, according to this Bizrate Insights report showing consumer habits and preferences. Being able to tap into those habits year-round will grow your business. Customers will enjoy the shopping experience and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Making Special Marketing Campaigns

Sellers can plan exciting ways to let shoppers know about their products. For instance, during holidays, sellers can create special deals or offers that feel like surprises. Creating marketing campaigns is essential to promoting brand awareness, according to this article by MailChimp. These plans make shopping more fun and help sellers stand out.

By creating special marketing plans, they can offer discounts, exclusive deals, or even personalized suggestions. With special marketing plans, sellers can give customers a taste of something unique and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

In the end, sellers need to use seasonal shopping trends and understand the annual shopping cycle. Sellers need to pay attention to when people like to buy certain things. This way, they can make smart plans to make shopping easier and more enjoyable. Use Bizrate Insights in order to get the inside scoop on what customers are looking for and when they are looking to buy it.

By doing these things, online sellers can stay ahead in the big world of online shopping. The key is talking to shoppers in a way that makes sense to them and offering things when they want them most. In the world of online sales, paying attention to the annual shopping cycle can really make a big difference for successful sellers.