How Do Consumers Feel About Product Videos?

Updated: January 2024

Are Product Videos The Key to Conversions?

Over two-thirds of consumers engage with product videos while shopping. Of those, most say the need for a product video depends on the product type (we discuss this in the next section). About the same number of consumers say they always look for product videos as the ones who don’t actively seek them out. 

About one in every ten consumers always look for product videos when shopping online, and another one in ten likes the videos but will buy without them. Only 1.69% of respondents said they would not buy a product without a product video available.

As you look at your ecommerce store analytics, looking at conversions alone might be misleading. A recent test by Search Engine Land on 120 product videos showed that video significantly increases Revenue Per Visit (RPV), defined as the total revenue generated per visitor to the product page. Combine this with the conversion rate to arrive at the average order value (AOV). This is the preferred statistic for the online store equation.


What Product Categories Need Product Videos?

Nearly half of the respondents (491) said they don’t look for product videos.

Of the shoppers who do look at videos, electronics is the most popular subject. Clothing, appliances, and home decor also rate high.

In the “Other” section, folks mentioned automotive parts, makeup, and several product categories that have a very low error tolerance threshold. The product either works or doesn’t, and a product video is needed to reassure the customer the item is, in fact, what they’re looking for.


People Want To See The Item Being Used

Interestingly, shoppers respond best to use cases – examples of how to use the product. The fashion store Mother does an excellent job at this, showing the model standing, walking – even using a treadmill – while wearing the clothing line.

The second thing folks look for is close-ups, which allow them to see details about the quality of manufacturing, the type of buttons on a blouse, the type of connection ports on a piece of electronic equipment, and the type of hinge or sliding system on a credenza. Consumers also look for examples of sizing and fit, as well as getting a better understanding of the colors.


Do Ecommerce Brands Use Product Videos?

For the smaller brand, video might give your store a competitive advantage. Some of the top brands, from REI to Land’s End, from Macy’s to Target to Fashionova, do not offer product videos for their clothing lines. 


Folks shopping for a handheld cordless drill will find product videos showing a person using the drill on both Lowe’s and Home Depot – but not at Grainger. In fact, Home Depot offers three different videos, all narrated by a friendly Home Depot employee, as well as a 360-degree video of the drill. Lowe’s displays a video by the manufacturer themselves (Craftsman), with an off-camera narrator highlighting all the drill’s features while a man that evokes Tim Allen’s Tool Time character uses the drill in his workshop. 

Should Your Ecommerce Store Offer Product Videos?

The insights that emerge from our survey of 1,300 verified online shoppers show that the choice to invest time, money, and effort into creating product videos should be guided by your ecommerce niche, your product line, and your ideal buyer persona. Does your online store focus on fashion or fashion accessories? In that case, product videos would be expected and have a high chance of contributing to the conversion rate. 

According to Search Engine Land, product videos help increase session time and thus reduce bounce rate. They also found a positive correlation between the users they brought to their test through Google Ads and the way this traffic responded to product videos. 

Going Beyond the Product Video

Depending on your niche, you might think beyond product videos. 

Who can forget the hilarious DollarShaveClub commercials? A highly engaging video that shows your product line AND while also highlighting your brand story, your brand values, and personality can create a cult following. Such a video could even go viral – which is exactly what happened with this video.

Meeting Customer Expectations 

How do you know if you’re meeting customer needs and expectations? The answer is surprisingly simple – you ask them. And ideally, you ask them through an automated process that is seamless and can scale easily without effort on your part.

Bizrate Insights specializes on automated customer feedback processes that capture vital insights – from demographics to net promoter score. We do this seamlessly AFTER the sale. And most importantly, we do it at no cost to the ecommerce merchant.

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