Insights from Father’s Day 2023

Bizrate Insights recently surveyed over 2500 verified online shoppers to look into the shopping patterns of American consumers before Father’s Day 2023. Here’s what we learned, along with some recommendations.

Most consumers shop within two weeks of Father’s Day

Almost 60% of all shoppers plan to make their purchases within two weeks of the date this year. Another full quarter of shoppers got their shopping done within 30 days of Father’s Day.

Father's day insights - when did they shop?

Recommendation: Focus on fast shipping

With purchases happening close to the date, fast shipping is likely to be a strong factor. Display your delivery options. Engage with third-party shipping vendors who can speed up your fulfillment. Reassure your shoppers that they’ll be able to meet their deadline.

It’s worthy of note that a large percentage of users leave their shopping for the last two days – you might want to continue running ads till the last minute – including both days of Father’s Day weekend.

Many Retail Products Can Be Father’s Day Gifts

While on Mother’s day flowers took center stage, there doesn’t seem to be a gift that’s an obvious choice for dads. While clothing, tools and sporting goods take the lead in our survey results, we also see electronics, music, dining, gift cards as popular items as well.

Father's Day 2023 insights - top gifts

Recommendation: Find creative ways to position your products for Father’s Day

Update the messaging for some of these options and implement temporary, calendar-based product descriptions. You can also create a special landing page for Father’s Day items, with in-store recommendations and special offers.

Women outshop men

While half of the male respondents plan to buy some type of gift, our findings show that over two-thirds of women made Father’s Day purchases.

Recommendation: Speak to women

Messages of husband appreciation, pride over an adult son with children of his own, and the bond between father and daughter can really pull at the heartstrings. Such messaging is bound to resonate with a large percentage of visitors. Messages and imagery of family togetherness can also be very effective.

Most Gifts Are Between $50 and $250

We found the vast majority of respondents plan to spend between $50 and $250 for Father’s Day this year.Father's Day insights - how much did they spend?

Recommendation: Find products in the pricing sweet spot

Adjust your pricing for this holiday through special discounts to align with this price band.

No drastic change in spending habits

A staggering 71% of survey respondents reported their spending has not changed from previous years. Additionally, 20% of our respondents said they plan to spend more this year.

Father's Day 2023 insights - spending trends

Recommendation: Permeate your site with prosperity messaging

With most spending during family-centered holidays being emotionally-driven, and with so many purchases being impulse buys, we encourage you to lean into heart-centered messaging rather than analytical. Speak of family wholeness, moments shared, and building memories.


Spending is up from last year. People typically spend over the course of late May and early June. All of these data points are encouraging. That said, these are general findings across many verticals from our client network.

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