VitalSigns Update – Comment Summary Page

Comment Summary

Bizrate Insights’ Voice of Customer tools gather vital intelligence about your shoppers. Armed with this data, you can steer your ecommerce strategy and make improvements to the user experience. This in turn leads to more sales, higher customer retention and an increased lifetime customer value.

We strive to constantly improve your user experience. To that end, VitalSigns Core and Premium just got better! We’ve added a brand new Comment Summary Page, unlocking new ways to analyze your survey data.

1. Comment Tone Summary

Comment Tone SummaryImage of Comment Tone Summary

The new Comment Tone Summary chart allows you to see your percentage of satisfied customers at a glance. This chart now breaks your comments down by tone, so you can quickly get a gauge on your customers’ experience during any customizable timeframe. Clicking each tone total expands into user demographics and more.

2. Comment Trends

Comment TrendsImage of Comment Trends

The new Comment Trends graph allows you to see how your comment tones are trending over time. As you make changes and improvements to your site and user experience, you’ll be able to see to what extent these changes affect the user satisfaction trend line. Additionally, you may see dips and peaks in this graph which are tied to seasonal shopping, a holiday weekend, a special sale or other event. This will empower you to predict such changes and account for them in your user journey.

3. Comment Topics

Comment TopicsImage of Comment Topics

The new Comment Topics table shows your comment tones broken into totals. Clicking each comment total takes you directly to your comments page. This qualitative survey data can help you understand  why your comment tones are trending in a certain direction, as well as user satisfaction. 

We are continuing to add new features to the VitalSigns reporting platform to make gaining insights from your data even easier.


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