Solving site abandonment issues with a Voice of Customer strategy

Voice of Customer

From cast iron cookware to handcrafted furniture, Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio has been helping their customers live a simpler life for over sixty years.

Despite their traditional roots, however, Lehman’s encountered an issue faced by many contemporary eCommerce brands. They were steadily losing website customers to their Amazon marketplace, which was hurting overall loyalty – and ultimately, their profits.

They needed to know how to successfully convert their Amazon shoppers into website visitors, buyers, and eventually, return customers. To accomplish this, it was essential for Lehman’s to learn more about their customers’ motivations and needs.

The strategy was twofold: implement social retargeting to drive traffic to the website and use Bizrate Insights’ Online Buyer and Site Abandonment surveys to gather new customer insights into the shopping experience.

The data collected helped to develop a marketing plan to appeal to more shoppers, leading to increased website success in an era of marketplace dominance.

Read the latest case study from Bizrate Insights to learn how Lehman’s used Voice of the Customer data to make significant gains in site conversion and average order value in just under 30 days.