Survey success is made easy with our latest eGuide


A well-designed survey provides your brand with useful – and often unexpected – insights and data on various aspects of the customer experience. A time-tested Voice of Customer tool, surveys are necessary to understand your customers’ journey and uncover issues preventing them from completing a purchase or returning to your site.

Unfortunately, crafting an effective survey can be easier said than done. Despite the wider availability of survey tools and greater awareness of the importance of VOC, many brands struggle with their response rates and data quality. This leads to a less than satisfactory experience for customers, which can affect important metrics like Net Promoter Score and cart abandonment rate.

For over 20 years, Bizrate Insights has been designing and optimizing surveys to help businesses like yours collect valuable Voice of Customer insights. In our new eGuide, “Survey Success Made Easy,” we explain some of the tips and tricks that have helped our surveys achieve some of the highest response rates in the industry. Download it today and discover how the leaders in VoC data collection have maintained some of the highest response rates in the industry.