Why customers look for value first in a loyalty program

Shoppers’ favored loyalty perks are the ones that save them money.

We asked survey respondents which benefits they most wanted to see in a loyalty club. As reported back in August: when it comes to the modern consumer, it’s impossible to understate the importance of free shipping. Free or expedited shipping was a top pick, with 75% of all respondents selecting it as one of their most prized perks.

Favorite benefits of loyalty programs

Favorite perks of loyalty programs (2019)
What are your favorite benefits of a loyalty program? Select all that apply. Bizrate Insights Review Flash Survey, September 2019. 1192 respondents.

Special offers and discounts also scored high, followed by free gifts. Overall, respondents favored the options that saved them money or offered some kind of monetary value. Perks that didn’t offer savings, such as early access to products or exclusive events, ranked towards the bottom.

Giving away something for free is an effective way for retailers to ensure their customers feel appreciated. Providing them with something they already want for less, via free shipping or a discount, is even more effective.