Do you know what customers really want from your loyalty program?

Customer Loyalty

It’s common practice for retailers to have a loyalty program that rewards repeat shoppers with redeemable points, free gifts, or special offers. But as price-sensitive consumers with increasingly distinct needs demand more and more of brands, is the classic rewards program still an effective strategy for retailers to engage & earn consumer loyalty?

Evidence from a recent survey conducted by Bizrate Insights shows that 60% of consumers still belong to at least one loyalty or rewards club. Just under one-third of respondents are not.

Are you enrolled in a loyalty program?

Number of consumers enrolled in a loyalty program in 2019
Are you currently enrolled in any retail loyalty or rewards programs (for example, Amazon Prime, Macy’s Star Rewards, or The Nordy Club)? Bizrate Insights Flash Survey, September 2019. 1313 respondents.

Ultimately, they still expect to be rewarded. But are they getting what they really want from your loyalty program?

To make a program a success, it’s crucial to understand what your customers want, so you can build a program that helps your business earn repeat visitors and stay competitive. Check in with our blog for daily insights on customers’ needs and expectations of loyalty programs and how effective they are at influencing purchase behavior.