Funko increases NPS by 10 points

Case Study

The company behind the massively successful Funko POP! has a customer base that is equal parts demanding and enthusiastic. To help keep up with expectations and enhance their marketing strategies, Funko’s marketing team turned to Bizrate Insights.

Bizrate Insights gave Funko the tools to quickly collect and track feedback, pinpointing areas that needed improvement and opportunities to boost conversion and AOV.

Using Bizrate Insights’ VOC solutions, Funko discovered:

  • What their customers really care about when it comes to shipping
  • Why a customer-centric approach requires buy-in from multiple teams
  • The value of VOC data to optimize marketing initiatives

Download the case study to learn how Funko made impressive increases to Net Promoter Score and site traffic using the Bizrate Insights Online Buyer and Site Abandonment solutions.