FLASH REPORT: BOPIS rises, mobile options struggle


We asked verified shoppers in the Bizrate Insights network about their preferred ways to check out. Here’s what they told us.

The days of waiting in line at the cashier or self-checkout lane may be over sooner than we think. Shoppers have more ways to make their purchase than ever, with options like Buy Online and Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), scan-and-go and grab-and-go on the rise.

But which methods do they actually prefer? To find out, we asked over three thousand shoppers in the Bizrate Insights network.

More than half of shoppers have used BOPIS

Which of the following in-store checkout options have you used?

According to our survey results, more than two-thirds of shoppers (69.24%) have used self-checkout at some point, while just over half (51.55%) have used BOPIS services or click and collect.

However, far fewer shoppers have used scan-and-go (10%) and grab-and-go (7%) to check out. This isn’t surprising, given how new the technologies are. Mobile checkout options also have a higher barrier to entry than other methods, since most require an app before they can be used.

Most people prefer traditional checkout options

If all of the following shopping options were available, which would you prefer to use?

The most traditional forms of checkout are still the most popular, with cashier (29%) and self-checkout (22%) leading the pack.

BOPIS is the third most-popular checkout method, with 15% of customers selecting it as their first preference. Major brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart have invested heavily to make BOPIS a key part of their in-store experience, offering fast store pickups for BOPIS orders and incentivizing shoppers with discounts and coupons.

Ultimately, many shoppers have no checkout preference at all (21%). Scan-and-go (7%) and grab-and-go (6%), the newest of the checkout options, lag far behind. But if mobile checkout technology is supposed to be faster and easier, then why don’t shoppers seem to be in a hurry to use it?

Consumers (mostly) aren’t in a rush to try new technology

How likely are you to download an app and create an account to use the following:

Mobile checkouts may be meeting some resistance thanks to consumers’ unwillingness to download and register an app to help them do their shopping. Fewer than half of all shoppers said they were likely to download a mobile app to use scan-and-go or grab-and go services, and less than 13% said they would be “Extremely likely” to use them.

BOPIS is also fairly new but is more user friendly than mobile checkout options and doesn’t require an app to use. It solves a common pain point of online shopping by eliminating shipping costs and guarantees the consumer that their online order will arrive in time – an important consideration during busy shopping times like the holiday season.

While BOPIS options are starting to see greater acceptance for more than just holiday shopping, mobile-based checkout services have a long way to go before widespread adoption takes place. Before retailers implement scan-and-go or grab-and-go technology into their stores, they should make sure their customers will be willing to use it.

Bottom line: Customers want a seamless checkout experience

Ultimately, no matter what a shopper’s personal preference is, everybody wants a quick and easy checkout, whether they’ve purchased online or in-store.

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