Product Reviews: 3 Ways They Strengthen Your Business

Reviews and Ratings

In the fast-paced landscape of online retail, your business needs to keep up with shoppers’ growing expectations. Simply offering great products is no longer enough to bring traffic to your site.

To determine whether your products are worth the investment, shoppers rely on product reviews to help them make final purchase decisions.

“Half of adults under 50 routinely check online reviews before buying new items”


Bizrate Insights recently added product review capture as part of the standard Online Buyer Survey. This provides an out-of-the-box way for business to ask for direct product feedback from verified buyers – at no cost!

Why should you add Bizrate Insights’ Product Reviews to your site? Below are three compelling ways product reviews from verified buyers can strengthen your business.

1. Win the Sale

Product reviews can make or break a sale. Even if a customer has made it to checkout, the absence of reviews can raise red flags. Does this product match its description in person? Has anyone purchased this item before? Did they like it?

“30% of online shoppers will not buy a product without reviews.”


Furthermore, 67% of shoppers will abandon a site without product reviews for a competitor that includes them.

Product reviews offer a direct solution to customer uncertainty. With review syndication to search engines through services like Bizrate Insights, your items will be presented in shopping ads and product search results with ratings on a 5-star scale. This elevates your company’s presence above retailers with negative reviews from unverified buyers, and allows you to stand next to top-selling businesses on a search results page.

2. Build Customer Trust

Online shopping has created a wall between buyers and products, bridged only by a picture, description, and a price. Product Reviews break that wall down, allowing for transparency during the shopping experience.

“81% of customers are more likely to revisit a website that includes product reviews.”


Having a product review system in place is a great way to build trust between companies and shoppers. A review system gives happy customers an outlet to express their satisfaction with a specific item.

3. Boost Website Traffic

The public nature of online product reviews not only caters to your current shoppers, but also brings in new traffic through search engines.

First impressions during an online search for items are crucial. With syndicated product reviews from verified buyers, the first thing a shopper will see is an eye-catching five-star rating.

Star ratings make your products stand out on platforms like Google Shopping.



Even if a customer has never been to your site before, strong ratings and reviews from buyers reassure them that they’ll be getting a quality product. In addition, a Bizrate Insights study found that 89% of shoppers are more likely to refer someone to a site that includes product reviews.



With so many online stores to choose from, syndicated reviews give your products an edge over direct competitors. They help your customers find what they’re looking for, and in turn those buyer reviewers provide you with a valuable advertising service. If you’re looking to bring a wider consumer base to your website, product reviews are an absolute must.

Interested in taking advantage of the Bizrate Insights’ Online Buyer Survey to capture product reviews at no charge? Email your Bizrate Insights Account representative, or contact us for more details.