Five tactics for dealing with your site abandonment issues

Site Abandonment

Chances are, if you’re like most of us, you have abandonment issues. Website abandonment issues, that is. You’ve worked so hard to impress your shoppers, but they leave just before completing their purchase, and you don’t know why.

The good news is, you’re not alone. In fact, as of August 2017, 77.3% of all online retail orders — e.g., shopping carts — were abandoned instead of purchased.*

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent abandonment now. Bizrate Insights has analyzed data from thousands of customer feedback surveys to summarize five tips for dealing with website abandonment.

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1) Examine your site’s design and layout

Customers come to your site looking for something. If they can’t easily find it, or it’s not what they expected, they will leave and look for it on a competitor’s site. Take the time to carefully go through your website from your busy customer’s perspective.

  • Are products and categories easy to find?
  • Are the images clear and inviting? Can you zoom in for a close-up?
  • Is there enough product information? Can they quickly read dimensions, color options, and stock levels?

2) Keep your shopping cart check out experience clear, simple, and trustworthy

Clear your mind to look at your website customer experience with respect to the following technical functions:

  • Start at the top. How long does your homepage take to load? What about on a mobile device? Your homepage might include a stunning product video, but time is money if it stands between your customer and their goals.
  • Keep digging all the way through the experience your site offers to the very end: The shopping cart. Don’t hide shipping costs until the very last moment. Make sure promo codes can be entered easily.

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3) Offer help during the transaction

Imagine helping customers to complete their purchase before they had a chance to abandon – or to win them back immediately after they leave. With a bit of technology, this can be more than just be a dream.

Bizrate Insights can help you to collect feedback and contact details from customers who are leaving your site. Our TrueExit™ technology doesn’t interrupt the shopping experience, but rather collects feedback as customers are exiting your site. From there, you can immediately contact them and win back the sale.

This short survey presents the right questions to the right people. It keeps the conversation engaging and specific to each customer’s journey and needs.

4) Bookmark the experience

Even with the best plans in place, you can’t stop everyone from leaving the site. But you can offer them a warm welcome when they return.

Use email notifications, or retargeting ads, to let the customer know when an out of stock item has returned. It will help them remember the perfect product they were looking for from your brand. With the Bizrate Insights Site Abandonment Solution, you can pass-in customer information for expanded analytics like customer ID, products viewed, items added to cart and more.

Once they’ve returned to the site, circle back to your shopping cart best practices – keep their cart full of items they added during the last visit.

5) Follow up after abandonment

Bizrate Insights’ research revealed that, “85% of website abandoners who experience: Technical difficulties, site usability problems, (or) payment issues, say they would like the retailer that they just abandoned to contact them to complete their order.”

Find out why they left and how you can fix it – along with the best time to make contact. Bizrate Insights’ solutions give you insight into the customer journey as it happens, allowing your brand to nimbly intercept feedback and take the appropriate actions.

Want to check out why your customers are giving you abandonment issues? You can request a free demo of Bizrate Insights’ solution now!